Leasing a horse

To be able to say "I have a horse!" what a huge statement that is for a child to be able to make. To have a horse at the barn that is waiting just for them is a feeling indescribable by most, except for the smile from ear to ear and glossy eyes filled with warmth and love for their very own horse. The feeling of unconditional love and friendship that comes with having a horse to look after and bond with, tell all your secrets too and even your troubles. To feel you have a best friend that loves you just the way you are. Priceless!

Whats involved

A lease of a horse includes the responsibility of taking care of the horse for example; grooming, bathing, cleaning its stall and paddock area, cleaning and taking care of the horses saddle and bridle and other equipment and making sure the horse is looked over from head to toe and keeping a record of its care to learn responsible horsemanship practices and give an all around horse 'Ownership' experience. The amount of ride time is based on the level of lease provided by the person gifting the lease.

Lease detailed pricing

FULL LEASE: leased by one person with two lessons a week and four other days to also care for and love on their horse and also practice their riding skills in between lessons. $850 a month (Lease can be monthly, six months or one year- monthly payments are accepted - Thank you)

HALF LEASE: can be leased by two people maximum. Includes one lesson a week and two practice rides and access six days a week to care for and love on their horse. $450. (Lease can be monthly, six months or one year - monthly payments are accepted - Thank you)

Make a DREAM come TRUE

When granting this dream for a child you have served to provide a bright future in learning responsibility and giving the child a SAFE place to be among friends and peers all who have the same interest. Learning how to make friends is a very valuable social skill, learning to be a leader, well that is what having a horse is all about. A horse is a natural follower and looks to his person to lead, let that be your gift recipient..... give her or him the chance to blossom and grow in Horsemanship. 

I'd like to give a gift of a lease